Quick sketches in France

Drawing course in France with organic meals at Domaine Les Gonies.
Arrival Sat 4 July departure Sat 11 July 2020.
Price € 395,- pp (incl. course/material, all meals, excl. accommodation).

Always wanted to learn how to sketch? Can make a ‘scribble’ so that you can use it later as a note or pre-study? Then this course is something for you/you! 6 challenging workshops make your urban sketching take a step or that you just learn to sketch well..

The varied program offers lessons in the morning (except Sunday) and in the afternoon the possibility to continue practicing. Research is also possible in the beautiful surroundings with beautiful villages, castles and vineyards. Or cycling, canoeing, swimming (on site), reading, visiting caves…..sketchbook along and drawing! Sleeping is in your own room or tent, the accommodations are here to view. *

Every day has a different theme and a different technique. The workshops include material (including a sketchbook) and coffee/tea. There is also some theory: a brief explanation of material, art history or technique. Your partner does not have to participate in the course, but can of course enjoy the meals (€ 245,- for the whole week).

All meals are included in the price, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also the wine at the food! So that’s seven days of enjoying carefree life. Saturday evening, July 4th, you can immediately eat and sleep in your freshly made bed; book your place to sleep at Les Gonies of course! *

* In the calendar we have already blocked accommodations, especially for participants.
Contact Us if you want to book an accommodation!

On Sunday afternoon we do a short introduction workshop, all the other days we start at 10 am and continue until 13:00. Mirella Kodden prepares all meals with products from your own garden and of his own estate. Everything biologically responsible.

Who we are….

Ton and Mirella Kodden are restaurant people with a heart for their products: so keep cows, pigs and chickens themselves. Catching fish and smoking. Build and remodel yourself. The vegetables so out of the garden and reap the fruits from the tree. Stoken, cooking and smoking, they do everything themselves! They enjoy life and nature, but working is also in their blood. All animals and people need to be taken care of, with love and attention…..with nice sleeping places and honest food.
From January 2020 Heleen and Marcel Janssen strengthen the team, with the four of them make for a fantastic experience of your holiday.

Joanne Zegers is a visual artist with a heart for teaching. The donkey and the brush come first, but for many years she also teaches in schools and cycles through the entire Zaanstreek. People also come to her workshop for advice, instruction and to view art. She teaches not only in drawing and painting, but also watching art and the background of art are important. Her way of teaching is accompanied by questions and curiosity: with a simple “ordinary” you don’t get rid of it. Eye, hand and brain must do it together and all need to be cared for, with love and attention….by understanding Joanne.

Information and reservation

If you have any questions about Domaine Les Gonies and/or the property, please call 00 33 (0)6 74 56 60 59 (mobile) or email: info@lesgonies.org.

You can register via the button below or by calling/e-mailing Heleen, Marcel, Ton or Mirella. After registration you will receive an e-mail with information about payment and reservation terms.

If you have any questions about the drawing program, please contact Joanne:
joanne.zegers@gmail.com or 00 31 (0)6 49 77 06 56 (mobile).
Atelier: Jacobus van Waertstraat 53A 1551 CJ Westzaan


Are you coming together? Then one of the two can take the course. Together you participate in the meals. The cost for only food is 245 euros per person, 3 meals per day incl. Wine. The possibilities for sleeping and the costs for this can be viewed on the website of Les Gonies. You want to be in for a morning? No problem: the costs are then 25 euros per morning.

Don’t you stay at Les Gonies? Then you can only participate if there is still room (the guests of Les Gonies go for it), so inform the possibilities in advance! The cost for 1 workshop with material, lunch and drinks is 45 euros.

When and where

The drawing course will be given from Sunday afternoon 5 July to Friday morning 10 July. You can arrive on Saturday 4 July and depart on Saturday 11 July. That’s included in the price. Joanne eats at the first Sunday lunch to welcome and get to know everyone.
Stay longer or arrive earlier? Rebooking is possible! You can easily book a few days ahead in consultation.

Program (summary overview)

Theme Subject Material Attention to
Sunday Acquaintance
Monday Creating space Landscape charcoal Composition and structures
Tuesday Perspective Buildings pencil Composition and line perspective
Wednesday People Attitudes pencil / drawing pen Handwriting and style
Thursday Life On the table a.o. watercolor Dust expression and construction
Friday Animals Farm animals o.o. chalk / pastel Dust expression

This overview contains only the main points. Every day attention is paid to observing, composition and style. One day a little more than the other, but learning to observe is always the basis. Every day begins with a (theoretical but lively) introduction of the teacher. After the coffee, some short exercises are done and discussed with each other. After that, everyone with a number of assignments will start working themselves. Teacher accompanies and is there for individual questions and floors. For lunch everyone shows the results and we discuss it.

Drawing course in France with organic meals at Domaine Les Gonies.
Arrival Sat 4 July departure Sat 11 July 2020.
Price € 395,- pp (incl. course/material, all meals, excl. accommodation).

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